SENSE Street Signs

Fed up with drivers who just don’t understand? Click a sign to get the PDF, print, and laminate our handy signs to carry in your vehicle. Have your own suggestions? Send them to us!

ICBC papers by Richard McCandless

BC Policy Perspectives Commentary: Government Uses Public Survey to Justify Increased Penalties on Higher Risk Drivers (May 20, 2018) Occasional Paper No. 56: Should The Government Return The $1.2 Billion Appropriated From ICBC Policyholders? (Apr. 19, 2018)...
Doctors Should Leave Engineering to Engineers.

Doctors Should Leave Engineering to Engineers.

To pick up a Times Colonist, you’d think Photo Radar was a real life saver. Here’s another misguided piece, praising the Provincial Health Officer and his call for Photo Radar, that we responded to, but that (no surprise) didn’t make it into print....