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Who’s Driving the Anti-Motorist Bus Regarding BC Speed Limits?

Setting the record straight. by Ian Tootill [Revised for accuracy November 10, and again on November 15, 2018] During October in BC, the anti-motorist crowd of taxpayer-funded academic cycling advocates was hard at it again. This time they ran to the media waving a...

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ICBC papers by Richard McCandless

BC Policy Perspectives Commentary: Government Uses Public Survey to Justify Increased Penalties on Higher Risk Drivers (May 20, 2018) Occasional Paper No. 56: Should The Government Return The $1.2 Billion Appropriated From ICBC Policyholders? (Apr. 19, 2018)...

SENSE BC16 hours ago
New salvo about to be fired in the war on the driver: Mobility Pricing.
SENSE BC1 week ago
(Go to hyperlink URL to view video) DriveSmart BC is administered by retired RCMP traffic Cst. Tim Schewe. Once a week he posts a great blog about all things driving and traffic safety; and there's a twitter feed also. We don't always agree with his ideas which are those which are perfectly understandable as seen through the lens of a career traffic cop, but he's passionate and informative. This week he posted a video about using the 85th percentile for the setting of speed limits. These days the Vision Zero urbanistas are in full on discredit mode for the 85th percentile. Their rationale is that all roads, particularly urban roads, are for ALL road users and speed limits should be set at "safe speeds" or survival speeds. Not only should systems be put into place to reduce the probability of crashes (which we do not disagree with), but survival speeds are necessary to ensure the goal of Zero deaths are realized. We believe that drivers do not and never will choose travel speeds based on an arbitrary sign and that the idea of zero road deaths, while laudable, is impossible from an economic and practical standpoint. What's interesting about this post, is the reaction from his readers. #comment-7477" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer">
SENSE BC3 weeks ago
What would the poll say if they surveyed motorists regarding police cruisers?
SENSE BC3 weeks ago
"One internationally recognized attribute of our hometown is its excellent transportation infrastructure. Not long ago Calgary was voted among the best places in the world to drive. Of course, no local motorist would ever agree — until asked to try navigating in a better city. (As for Paris, London and Rome? Taxi!)

Anyhow, maybe that’s what’s got some councillors’ dander up. Perhaps they’d rather Calgary be known for art galleries rivalling Florence or bike lanes putting Amsterdam to shame? Roads? Please, how uncouth."
SENSE BC2 months ago
Which cars rack up the most speeding tickets?
SENSE BC2 months ago
"Vigilantes in La Barre, France, on Saturday used a novel method to destroy the speed camera that had been issuing automated tickets on the RD673. They used a drill to cut a large hole in the lens of the camera, poured gasoline inside and ignited the blaze so that the device burned from the inside out. Around Tuesday, vigilantes in Feignies used gray spraypaint to blind the speed camera on Avenue Jean-Jaures before likewise blinding the camera in La Longueville. On August 24, vigilantes smashed and spraypainted the newly installed pole-mounted speed camera on the RD104 in Vinezac. Around the same time the turret camera on the RN31 in Ambleny was decapitated and left on the side of the road.

In Murupara, New Zealand, on Saturday, a speed camera utility vehicle failed to prevent itself from being hit by a Ford Ranger on Daniel Street. Police chased the pickup truck's driver but failed to find him. A photo radar van in Timaru was destroyed on August 19 after it failed to prevent an accident. The vehicle was parked on State Highway 1 when it was involved in a rear-end collision."
5 days ago
Vision Zero Sputters As NYC Traffic Deaths Reach Highest Level Of De Blasio Era via @gothamist
6 days ago
San Francisco not on track to meet Vision Zero goals by 2024
6 days ago
5 vehicles impounded in 6 days for excessive speeding in Greater Victoria
2 weeks ago
Toronto police launch Vision Zero traffic enforcement team
3 weeks ago
BBC News - Should your accelerator pedal curb your speeding?

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