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Who’s Driving the Anti-Motorist Bus Regarding BC Speed Limits?

Setting the record straight. by Ian Tootill [Revised for accuracy November 10, and again on November 15, 2018] During October in BC, the anti-motorist crowd of taxpayer-funded academic cycling advocates was hard at it again. This time they ran to the media waving a...

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ICBC papers by Richard McCandless

BC Policy Perspectives Commentary: Government Uses Public Survey to Justify Increased Penalties on Higher Risk Drivers (May 20, 2018) Occasional Paper No. 56: Should The Government Return The $1.2 Billion Appropriated From ICBC Policyholders? (Apr. 19, 2018)...

SENSE BC1 week ago
This is the message right across North America currently. Streets are empty, speed kills, and police are an essential service.
SENSE BC2 weeks ago
"Councilman Joe Mosca, who voted along with Mayor Catherine Blakespear and Councilwoman Jody Hubbard to end the program, noted that city officials have been debating for years whether to keep the cameras. Encinitas should have pulled the plug long ago when it became evident that the cameras provide limited, if any, accident-prevention benefit, he said."
SENSE BC4 weeks ago
Empty roads.... speeds are way up. Let’s see if crash rates and severity increase.
SENSE BC1 month ago
SENSE BC1 month ago
Translation: speed, impaired, cell phone campaigns suspended so they can focus on speed, impaired, cell phones. So more of the same, just fewer ads.
SENSE BC2 months ago
Red light cams and photo radar don't work for this.
11 hours ago
Think very carefully before you loan your vehicle to others. You may still be responsible for what they do with it.
5 days ago
Excessive speeding by some motorists continues with many empty roads thanks to people at home because of #covid19. @BCRCMPTraffic reporting 42 tickets/vehicle impounds between Sea to Sky to Fraser Valley on weekend the worst: driver going 130 km/hr in residential zone @CKNW
6 days ago
Sick of COVID videos? Haven’t seen @Six7Films latest expose on traffic enforcement, @icbc stats and media reporting? Then what are you waiting for?
7 days ago
Sick of COVID videos? Haven’t seen @Six7Films latest expose on traffic enforcement, @icbc stats and media reporting? Then what are you waiting for?
1 week ago
RCMP ramp up traffic enforcement after rise in excessive speeding | Richmond News

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